Monsters in the Pit: The Digmaids

I’ve created the Digmaids as an entry in the table “d8 reasons why exploring the tunnels is a bad idea.” and @KidGokart made a really beautiful illustration in the Art thread, which basically called for a better definition of the Digmaids.

My original description:

And the description from the picture:

So, I’ve decided to give them some kind of stats and a longer description.


Blind, underground predators. They use echolocation to move around in the tunnels, but many mistake their sounds as singing. The “human” part of their body is basically a huge mouth, which can split in half to eat their prey. They prefer to eat dead/unconscious victims and use their bodies to strangle their prey before eating, usually waiting hidden until their prey is asleep or already weakened.

Damage as a sword, armor as plate, morale very low.

1d8 rumors
It’s up to the GM to decide if those are true or not

  1. Their song causes cave-ins
  2. They prefer to attack from below
  3. Their human halves are always female
  4. They are repelled by light
  5. They are attracted by fire
  6. They are more common on rocky terrains
  7. They won’t attack if you sing back to them
  8. They are more common near water reserves

Echolocation mistaken for singing - brilliant. I wish I got more opportunities to work with other great content creators.


Just a passing thought on the name, perhaps some folks might refer to them as ‘termaids?’ (as in the ‘terran/earth’ version of the mere/water’ maids)? Has a similar sound to termites which I like. :smiley:


Maybe it can be like a different species of digmaids?

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Sure! Just a thought, take it or leave it, no worries :smiley:

TIL the origin of the name “mermaid”.

Yep, your idea makes a lot of sense now.


Awesome idea by the way! Love it :heart:

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