More on: Non-Homogenous Random Table

Idea to use dice progression to map a bell curve onto an area of a random table:

Blog post:

Any ideas?


This is yet another really cool idea. The ability to visually map the distributions to the roll outcomes is a really intuitive way to handle outcome progression and condense information. Going from broad to acute creates an inherent sense of urgency- one could imagine using this approach for increasingly dangerous/hostile random events during combat scenarios or as something like a doomsday/countdown clock that isn’t entirely deterministic. You used something like this for carapace I think, right? Maybe it wasn’t carapace, but the dungeon crawl with the ants? Sorry can’t remember off-hand. Maybe that was a different method, like wholly different tables rather than a table written to support narrowing probability distributions, but conceptually somewhat similar.

Yes, same purpose but different execution in Carapace.

Indeed, ‘In the Heart of the Unknown’ and ‘In the Heart of the Delve and Dangerous’ also go for this purpose but using modifiers rather than different dice …

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