New pwyw OSE e-zine: Mysteriously Missing and Merrily Met

Here’s my new e-zine for Old-School Essentials!

Mysteriously Missing and Merrily Met

These tables answer the question: “Where have you been?”, for when a player misses a session, explaining where their character has been and what they’ve been doing.

The set features three tables:

Last Seen in Town

Last Seen in the Wilderness

Last Seen in a Dungeon

They provide an instant retroactive story to explain why a character disappeared and was not around during the last session.

These tables aim at providing interesting events to inject more story into the campaign. Sometimes the results are simple and bear little or no consequence; sometimes a result may produce a significant change in the character’s story.

Mysteriously Missing & Merrily Met comes as two files: a PDF designed for screens, and another designed for print-at-home on A4 paper, with easy instructions to print, fold and staple/sew it to make a nice little zine-like booklet.