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Hello everybody!
and welcome to Nyhur’s Design Corner

I’m no artist my but in my spare time I like to design dungeons and encounters to share.
I always start with a theme, a feeling that I would like to evoke or an idea for an encounter.
Experimenting with new stuff is usually my main goal.

I just recently reworked my layout template and I’m trying to make it as tight as possible.
I value a lot accessibility and clarity but I still have to improve a lot in that sense.

Most of my works are for D&D 5e but I’m planning to make some designs also for other games.

Well then, let’s cut to the chase…
This is my last work

With Medaria’s Tower I just wanted to make a credible environment while using the very recognizable (and improbably) shape of a pentacle.
Working on an hexagon grid seemed the right way to go but by the time I finished I was wondering if I should have not used a pentagon grid instead. That would have probably been more interesting hahaha
The tower is, of course, populated with devils. The encounters are quite straight forward but I added some strategy notes to suggest that they are not some “suicide charge grunt army”.

In conclusion I must said I’m quite satisfied with this one. It’s simple, concise and the shape alone is able to evoke some unholy thoughts. I also had fun with the adventure seeds as I would like to play an adventure based on those.
Maybe the side rooms (especially those on the ground floor) can be improved. Now they are just fillers with a bit of flavor environment, slave to the pentacle shape. No real function or narrative is present in those areas.

But now it’s your turn!
Any feedback? Do you like it? Would you use it in your adventure?
Would you hang it on your bedroom’s wall?

p.s. Sorry for the wall of text, I promise the next posts will be shorter :]


I love this concept! It’s so satisfying to imagine Medaria’s Tower laid out like that, and of course packed with devilish fiends. Great job Nyhur! I’m gunna incorporate this into one of my future games. :+1:

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i love that it resembles a ninja star :star_struck:


I need to dwell on this for a grip lol I’ll be back

Glad that you guys like my design!

…aaaand I’ll share with you another one, a little bit older :]

Here I wanted to design a boss battle with multiple stages and with a fire spreading through the location.

I must admit, I’m not very satisfied with this one. The fighting arena is not as dynamic as I was planning in the beginning. I also think that using both health-marks and turn-numbers to progress in the combat stages added a level of complexity that was not needed.
What I do like is the idea of fighting an Ogre and a Green Hag at the same time. Especially if the players realize, during previous interactions, that the death of one might irate the other.
A player might even try to take Shuko hostage during the battle. That would be an interesting twist.

What do you think about it?
Have you played any interesting boss battles in your games?

Sharing with you another layout that I made a while ago!

Here I wanted to experiment with tight spaces in a cave. The goblins that inhabit the area can freely move around but the adventurers must squeeze through the tight passages.
I also added some variety and internal conflict with the giant rats and the ogre Bugzug.
Mix everything with the intoxicating shroom milk brewed by the goblins and, hopefully, you’ll get an explosive combination and some interesting scenarios.


Hey Nyhur, neat dungeon!

I LOVE the premise, the shroom milk + Ogre alliance is great. All the areas of this warren also seem logical and believable. I have one critique though, that being the lack of interesting scenery (game-able environmental features, like the explosive shroom milk barrel :+1: ) in some of the areas. I like that the goblins are doing different stuff but I’d really liked some more stuff to play around with. This is less of an issue with 5e (which I see this was primarily designed for) where just combat can be a game in itself with all the abilities and buttons to mash, but the simpler OSR games I gravitate towards don’t really have too many options in a vanilla sense, its the rigging the battle towards a favorable outcome which we find fun. I really like this one overall, I’ll probably end up using it at some point. Keep up the great work :smiley:

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Thanks a lot for your feedback Kingroy! I’m very glad you liked it.
I see your point and I agree, I should experiment more and expand with better room descriptions. In that way I’ll be able to hint to some game-able elements.

If you’ll play the dungeon let me know how it goes :slight_smile: !


Hello beautiful people! I’m back with a new short adventure.

For this one I was play a bit with form/function after getting inspired by Mario Radice (Italian painter).
As you can see the map is very minimalistic hehe… I hope you like it!

For reference:
Mario Radice (1898-1987 Como)

And here we are again with a fresh new dungeon!
The Mirrored Pathway is a dimension formed by any two facing mirrors. When walking the pathway you are able to look through those mirrors and, at any point, jump out of it or grab something on the other side.

The incantations to create an entrance to the Mirrored Pathway have been forgotten for centuries, but it is said that in an ancient jungle a portal is still open.

As always I’m trying to get some interesting combinations of form and function.

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The Devil’s Lounge
A secret underground hookah bar serving an addicting colorful smoke. The regular clientele ranges from disgraced nobles to lowlife junkies, all unaware that the eccentric owner is actually a soul-eating rakshasa.

Playing with some kaleidoscopic design.


This map is beautiful and clearly evil. It sparks so many ideas for what can inhabit it…

How did you get to this kind of design?

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Technically you mean?
Some symmetry and duplication game in Affinity Design :slight_smile: I just switched to that program and you can do a lot of cool stuff!

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New dungeon!
I made this for the OSR game Whitefrank written by @Zombienomicon_R, thanks again for involving me with this short project!


More dungeons!
This time I’m back with a very minimalistic approach but for MÖRKBORG.


Venture in the nightmares of an unpleasant and unskilled bard to defeat his inner demons.


Inspired by Jog Brogzin’s map “Red Queen Housing Unit”.
If you do not know him you should definitely check out his works!

and as a little extra… a glitched alternative of my map


New map cyberpunk-inspired.
A section this time!!


NICE! the cross section map is awesome!

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I present you “WOMB OF HORRORS” a reinterpretation of Tomb of Horrors.