Ordure Fantay, a 1d6 OSR ruleset in a blogpost

I recently released the PDF of my super simple 1d6 OSR ruleset (https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/324369/Ordure-Fantasy) but I also made a blogpost with the core rules and classes available so people could play for free, check it out here: https://lizardmandiaries.blogspot.com/2020/08/ordure-fantasy-1d6-osr-ruleset.html

The system is based heavily on my d6 Cyberpunk game “Shit Future” (http://lizardmandiaries.blogspot.com/2020/04/shit-future-d6-cyberpunk.html).

My goal was to make a fantasy OSR game as simple and easy to pick up as possible.


The Ordure roll seems really cool. It feels like a solo rpg thing, like a mini oracle for the Referee.

Yeah it is like a mini oracle I guess! That’s a cool way of looking at it.

I love this - I’m a big fan of some of your random tables elsewhere (especially your L1 Creature Generator) and I’m glad to see more here.

The two-dimensional reaction table is particularly ingenious - I never thought to separate “tone” from “intent” in reaction tables before but it’s so, so good. That technique is also broadly applicable to many of the other random tables I use as well. You inspired me to do the same for some random room generation tables, separating “flavor” from “mechanically interesting room feature.”

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks so much! Glad to hear you like the reaction table. Breaking apart components of table is a great way to super charge the amount of results you can get, and the variability/weirdness of those results.

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