[OSE ]Falkrest Abbey released!

Falkrest Abbey is a level 1–3 dungeon adventure for Old-School Essentials (and similar B/X-based games). Written by Andrea Tupac Mollica and Giuseppe Rotondo, with original art by Zaira Diana.

  • A 19 room dungeon with exploration, combat, mystery, puzzles and NPCs
  • Encounters and events along the way on the icy Lune Mountains
  • Several hooks and alternate outcomes with possible repercussions on your campaign
  • 3 new monsters
  • 2 new magic items, plus one almighty magic vial of miraculous water
  • Original art by Zaira Diana
  • Map drawn with dungeonscrawl
  • Treasure & monsters overview sorted by room
  • Interactive hyperlinked map and index
  • Interactive hyperlinked map snippets accompanying room descriptions
  • Printable hand-outs (optional)
  • Extra files: VTT friendly maps without room numbers, monsters, secrets doors etc


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Congrats on the release !

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