[OSE][UTC+2] Anomalous Subsurface Enviroment - Open Table

It came into being spontaneously, voids suddenly forming in the rock beneath Mount Rendon. It is will without intelligence, embodied in stone, metal and magic. The Anomalous Subsurface Enviroment . A megadungeon that is everything but serious. Robots, laser guns, nuclear radiation and fantastic cults of science.

This is an open table campaign centered on exploring this fantastic dungeon. The game will be held weekly on Monday, 8pm Berlin Time as long as there’s at least two players ready to party. First time on the 6th of July.

The rulesystem is Oldschool Essentials (with a few minor houserules). You don’t need a copy as there is a handy online SRD.
Discord for Voice, roll20 for note-taking and making characters.

Of note: I am looking for people at least 18 years of age. This game is best played cooperatively so stealing items, deliberately hurting or even killing other partymembers is prohibited. The first time gets a warning, the second a ban.

If you have questions about the game and want to join hit me up on Discord under the id: Oneironaut#7758 . I’d love to hear from you!

Link to the roll20 page.



This sounds super cool, but the time just doesn’t work for me. Best of luck though, I’m sure your players are going to have a blast.

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I’d be interested in playing for sure!!!


I’m not available to make the time, wish I could.

I’m interested in your plans for the lower levels of the dungeon, are you going to craft your own or did I miss a release?

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Thank you :smiley:

My Discord id is in the OP-post. Message me there and I’ll send you an invite to the server :sunglasses:

You did not miss a release. I’m not worried about it right now as the game hasn’t even started yet. If we ever get to the third floor I’ll probably frankenstein something together out of other releases like the Megadungeon-zine for the 4th and stop afterwards. The table won’t run as long as a Stonehell or Barrowmaze one would but it should still give a good few months of fun.

I won’t be able to make that Monday since I already have a one shot set up for that day. Perhaps the following Monday.

Sure. I can still add you to the server if you want, I’ll probably ping people the day before and ask who’s up for play. Could serve as a reminder.

I’d be into playing this, and I could make it next Monday.

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