OSR Artists That You Can Actually Hire (Up and Coming?)

OSR art is awesome! There are a ton of really talented artists out there. Most of the popular artists are very busy (fortunate for them, but unfortunate for us who would like to hire them!). For those of us who aspire to be OSR creators, it can be difficult to find good artists who also have the time and interest to do commissions for fledgling creators.

I can recommend two so far:

Stinky Goblin Emporium (Heather Shinn and Jack Badashski)
This duo does excellent work at reasonable prices and they are very professional. They send mock-ups before finalizing anything so you have a chance to make adjustments before they proceed. They are quick to respond and don’t go missing for weeks after getting paid.

Here is a sample of their work:

Patrik Olsson
Patrik makes really neat looking, old-school artwork. His prices are good and he is responsive. All around a great experience with Patrik.

Here is a sample of Patrik’s work:

Does anyone have any good recommendations for up-and-coming (or otherwise available) artists who do OSR-style art?


Very cool! I’m a fledgling OSR style artist, currently trying to get more portfolio work. I would love to get some practice if anyone needs some art. Currently am learning landscapes and environments. Some of my quick works:



Your style is awesome!

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I draw a Comic based on old school gaming. I like to draw for game books too.


I’m a big fan of your comic after discovering it today, great stuff.


Thanks, man! Spread the word!

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There are also blog posts: http://falsemachine.blogspot.com/2017/06/visual-artists-of-osr.html

Just hit an artist up and ask. It should be fine.


Do you have a link for Patrik Olsson? There seem to be multiple artists by that name.