Pantheon Generator

Behold! A vast and terrible generator of fantasy pantheons, filled with all manner of Grecian shenanigans, modeled upon a similar and very excellent generator by The Manse.

Tied in with this is an open challenge to anyone mad enough to roll up their own pantheon (bonus points for fitting it into a culture!) I’ll get to it eventually, but yow there’s a lot of drafts lined up.


Very nice!

When I finally get round to running my Cyberpunk game I will use this for the “Satellite Gods”. I want to have a grecoroman cosmology vibe in a post apocalyptic near future setting…

What you using it for? Got a sword and sandal game en route?

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Just for fun, as much of the stuff on the blog is.

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Check out Anomalous Subsurface Environment if you haven’t already - you’ll find tons of inspiration for what you’re trying to do there.

In fact, the Gods are literally satellites, which is kind of fun.