[Random Tables] Crant Zine

Hi Everyone !
I’ve listened to a lot of podcast on RPG-zines and now i’m pumped !
I want to edit one !
I had an old project lying around to publish random tables that I really liked (and already had their authors consent) and thought that would make a better zine than book.
So I decided to publish a zine with the following target:
“Publish crazy random tables written by mostly unknown bloggers”
And yesterday, I even made the cover !
Crant stands for: Crazy RANdom Tables!

If you have a particularly cool table you want to donate or know a genius table on a blog i don’t know, i’m happy to fit a few more tables in the first issue.

Planned are 16 pages in Letter US Format


Sounds like a cool idea! I could probably contribute a table.

With pleasure !
Send a link to your blog and i’ll check if there’s anything I like ! :wink: