Report Bugs Here

Please report any bugs, weirdness, oddity, or wonkyness here in this thread. :bug:

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It appears that replying via email doesn’t work, or at least didn’t for me.

I sent the below reply but it didn’t update the thread, I had to go back and copy/paste my response manually.

If email responses are disabled that makes sense as the email came from a “noreply” but there is a badge that you can unlock for replying to a thread via email so that’s a little counter-intuitive.

The link to the FAQ at the top slash page is broken - it directs to

It should direct to

(also, there’s a lot of typos in the FAQ)

Thank you. I was already told, but apparently the HTML of the banner had to be regenerated for the changes to take effect.

They are probably my fault. I’ll try to fix them.