Review: A Groats-worth of Grotesques

Just posted a review of this bizarre OSR bestiary that has gone pretty much unnoticed so far.

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Just seen your post about this document and went to DtRPG looking for the POD as it does look interesting. Regrettably the POD is not available at this time and it looks like they were working on it a couple of months ago. Hopefully it comes back, at $4.99 for the pdf it doesn’t have a high price of admission to get it all the same.

Perhaps the pod has been pulled down to make a hardcover?

I wouldn’t be surprised by that, with the changes that DtRPG has implemented with their POD product I noticed a couple of producers going to sources like LuLu to get their products printed.
Printing them out and placing them in a binder is not a bad option as well. One benefit of black and white line artwork is that it is considerably more cost effective.

Yep. I’m considering making only b/w for my future projects because color has become too expansive on drivethru!