Roll weird quests in a dark forest with Follow the Bones

Follow the Bones is 12-page zine for generating the sort of weird quests you find in Gawain & the Green Knight and dark fairy tales. It was made to provide more setting for Cairn sessions, but is statless, so you can easily use it with Trophy, Mörk Borg, or practically any other fantasy RPG with a weird forest setting. Particularly useful for solo or GMless games using a yes/no oracle like Barrow Delver.


I have to be honest, I low-key hate this because I’ve been planning to write exactly the same thing but you got there quicker than me. And, after a cursory glance, I can also guess that you typeset far better than what I can reasonably expect to do.

So… good job I’m buying and playing it, probably solo. I’ll write here my impressions after the first run or two.

PS: Could you please introduce yourself in The Big Introductions Thread?

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Hey, nothing wrong with having several of this kind of resource! I say finish it.

As for formatting, I’ve learned a lot from the NSR Discord. Tam, in particular, is very helpful.

I thought I already had posted an introduction, but I guess not. I’ll go do that now.

I’ve been seeing that Discord referenced a lot but my lack of patience toward Discord itself is still holding me back. I know it would be extremely useful, but I’m already ignoring too much of the servers I’m in to try and add another one.

I’ll probably do it at some point, maybe after playing yours so I can cover other aspects of the same idea.

Yeah, I don’t love Discord. I probably wouldn’t put up with it at all, but that’s where a lot of discussion takes place. My strategy is just to join only a few select servers and aggressively mute channels so that I’m not constantly trying to catch up on a thousand different conversations.

I actually really dig the Discourse mobile app, which is how I view OSR Pit and a couple of other forums.

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