Running Inspiration Pad Pro 3 from the Command-Line (macOS/Windows/Linux)


It is definitely better, though I’m actually still seeing one issue. Output of Encounters > AdventureHooks:

Generator Type: 1

Please choose the generator. Enter 0 to exit.
0 Exit
1 AdventureHooks
2 NPC on the Street
3 Orc Formal Introduction
4 Orc Hunting Party
5 Orc Raiding Party
6 Skrat Minions

Your choice: 1

How many would you like to generate? 1

While in town…
It’s rumored that just outside the city is an old (missing) diamond mine.

I’ve seen that for a few things. I’m guessing that the name table is improperly referenced.

Must be an issue because it’s calling another table. I’ll investigate

I’ve cleaned up and changed a few things in the guide above. Everything should be working, including the errors that @yochaigal had found - thanks again for the troubleshooting help!

I also included guidelines that one should follow if they want to submit an .ipt script to the project. If they’re followed they won’t break the Linux release.

Latest build still only returns 1 result for some choices:

Yes, this is a known bug for that specific script. See the third note in the OP.

Ah, my mistake!
Thanks so much for all the work!

A note on that bug - it seems to affect the full Windows client version as well. I’m not sure if it can be fixed.

I’ve packaged and uploaded a new release of the Windows, Linux, and macOS files. This fixes the above “bug”, added a generator that was included by NBOS but didn’t work from the CLI due to prompts, and edited a common file to clean up output that didn’t work from the command line.

Details below:

  1. Fixed “bug” related to only providing one result even when asking the script to generate multiple

This was related to an argument within a specific script file. For some reason whoever wrote the Adventure Hooks.ipt file had MaxReps: 1 hard-coded in the common file. This didn’t make sense to me, and was probably simply used as an example. As such, in the releases above I’ve commented out this argument so the script will generate as many results as you tell it to.

  1. I re-added the Random Treasure (CR1 - CR30).ipt generator file that was originally distributed by NBOS back to the three releases.

This generator didn’t work properly due to requiring a prompt from the user; however, by hard-coding the Random result into the script it now generates random treasure of a random CR from the OGL treasure tables and outputs the results properly.

This generator also required a lot of editing and cleanup to make the results look readable in the terminal, most of which was done in the AdventureHooks.ipt file in the common folder. I’m very happy with the results:

The original generator file running on the full Windows client had a prompt that asked the user to select a Challenge Rating between 1 and 30 (or Random) and it would generate that result. Since one of the limitations of the command-line binary is that it can’t interpret prompts, if you don’t want a random CR you can simply temporarily hard-code the result you want in the .ipt file:

For example, if you wanted only CR 3 results, you would edit the Random Treasure (CR1 - CR30).ipt file in the generators/Treasure folder and change the line

\n {!CRValue=={1d30}} [@TreasureByCR] \n


\n {!CRValue=={3}} [@TreasureByCR] \n

I noticed your Itch page is gone, @maderschramm!
Well, no matter. I was able to get the Windows app to work via Winapps!

Hey thanks for letting me know yochaigal! I changed my itch page to my new Geas Publications one to keep everything under one naming umbrella.

I’ve updated the OP to prevent further confusion, thank you!