[SFRPG][UTC-6] Warrior's Dreams - Street Fighter crossover, West Marches style

Summary: Street Fighter: the Storytelling Game, West Marches Style, in a living world built by the players, Tuesdays from 1800 to 2200 (US Mountain Time)

System: Street Fighter: the Storytelling Game 20th Anniversary Edition

Venue: roll20 (game link) for VTT/session text; Discord (server link)for voice chat/intersession text

Time: Every Tuesday (MST), starting 01 October, from 1800 to 2200 (US Mountain Time); there’s a long Session Zero to allow for the worldbuilding and character creation processes.

In the sprawling urban chaos that is Metro City, the year is always 198X. The neon-drenched back alleys and shining corridors of power alike are ruled by gangsters and racketeers. There is no justice there… except what little a warrior like you can bring with your fists and feet, the mystical arts or a good, old-fashioned lead pipe.

Will your warrior’s dreams come true in 198X? The answer lies in the heart of battle.