Slipgate Chokepoint: a short review of a Quake RPG

My physical copy of Slipgate Chokepoint, a Quake-themed supplement for Stay Frosty arrived today. I’ve been playing it from PDF for a while, but as a new lockdown hobby, thought I’d share my thoughts on the supplement itself, and how I’ve gotten on with it.

Any feedback appreciated!


Thank you for the review. I am interested in Slipgate Chokepoint and will grab the pdf when it goes available to non-backers.
I love retro FPS and I’m really curious on how the game emulates the frantic pace so well known to the genre. Game pacing (in RPGs) and how to make it even faster & faster (with less & lesser stress) is a topic I end up thinking about often.

Feedback about the review & actual play reports: The review is very on point and mentions all the necessary details. For the action reports I’d personally love a quick overview of what the players did. It doesn’t need to be a book but a quick “they are these people & did X then Y and ended up doing Z”.

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That’s really helpful, thanks! There’s a single class in SGCP, you’re a Ranger. The players in the first game had a very much “I use my first Action to move to Short range and then use remaining Actions to fire my shotgun”. It’s why I say “it’s not D&D”, we accidentally played like D&D but with one class, and one attack type.

The second time we played was similar but with more defensive stunts. Basically the players tried to circle strafe! It almost worked! There was also a big acid vat in the second room, and nobody needed to be told that shooting that would cause hijinks.

I’ll extend out my posts, but that was basically the summary. They were short sessions (2hr max).