Space Drugs, in Space!

Drugs! In Space! I’m working on adding some additional content to Finders Keepers in Space (which I’ll hopefully be publishing soon, you can check it here). One thing that Finders Keepers has a lot of is single-use items, whether that be scrolls, potions, totems (which are kind of like one-use wands that you snap), or psicrystals. In FKiS, I’m filling the same sort of role with unique and useful information (of which I’ll be stealing lots from here) and, naturally, drugs! I’m avoiding any real-world substance names for a variety of reasons, and going for a mix of weird-but-useful to actually-really-weird alien substances. I’ve got a few to start with, I’d love to get more suggestions from people!

  1. Vibejuice - Comes in white bags, squirted directly into the eyes. Just improves the vibes, you know man?
  2. Brainjack - Injected directly into the back of the neck, eliminates fatigue and brings reaction times to approximately zero
  3. Crackle-slam - Small doses are a recreational hit to keep a night going. Large doses are used to bring the near-dead back to full functionality
  4. Fun Sludge - Jammed up one nostril. Makes everything fun
  5. Badkick - Causes violent psychoses after a small delay
  6. Roundhouse - Temporary muscle enhancement drug, injected into the ass
  7. Timeout - A whiff will knock anybody out for a few minutes, when they awaken it’ll be as if nothing has happened
  8. Venegez 9-36a - Little pink tablets with a brain on it. Everyone reacts differently to it (1d6): 1. Minor telepathy, 2. Minor telekinesis, 3. Nothing but vague anxiety, 4. Delusions of grandeur, 5. Seizures when exposed to perpendicular lines, 6. Brain melts, dribbles out of mouth
  9. Bloood - Ultra-antioxidant. Great for fixing lined skin, bad posture and just generally adding some youthful pep
  10. Fixit - Makes everything seem beautiful, more important and friendly
  11. Black Lotus - Freeze-dried flowers, the fresh ones are much more potent. Left to dissolve under the tongue, the “truth” of all the universe is revealed (at least until the dose wears off)
  12. Laba Wasp Sting - Turns traumatic memories into weird hallucinations (and sometimes vice-versa)
  13. Astral Math - Injected very slowly. No need for sleep while being injected with it
  14. Korogg - While chewing the pod, it’s easy to ignore anything that’s frightening
  15. Drill - The mother of all antihistamine, boosts your tolerance for poison and any other drugs. Occasionally makes you hallucinate bugs everywhere
  16. Crate - Smoked. Time sure flies when you’re having fun. Makes things seem a lot faster, and makes you act faster still
  17. Forget-me-now - Applied using a light-flash and a puff of powder. Causes the events of the last while to be erased and replaced with roughly-plausible replacement memories
  18. Moon Juice - Made into tea. Grants highly realistic visions of whoever you are strongly thinking about
  19. Lucid - Tablets placed on the tongue. Makes it impossible to differentiate between imagination and reality. Often used by hardcore VR gamers
  20. Retro - Genetically modified retroviral infection. Makes you permanently “happy”
  21. Gads - Cigarettes that stop you from getting radiation sickness
  1. Slaps - Patches applied to the skin. Extremely slow release stimulant that allows for calm, focused energy. Catastrophic comedown when the patch comes off.
  2. Dizz - Pattern projected on goggles that induces extreme synasthesia.
  3. Frimble - Small single use packets of sweet, thick yellow liquid. Induces state of extreme patience and understanding, but slows reaction time significantly.
  4. Deathsticks - Smoke them and feel an intense and building body high until you die.

(P.S. For lots of space/fantasy drug weirdness, check out Narcosa, compiled by Rafael Chandler from some G+ Gygaxian democracy.

  1. Gabble - makes you temporarily fluent in a language only other users of the drug speak.
  2. Host - hallucinate a flock of angels giving you (genuine) good advice.
  3. Tint - the colour blue becomes hilarious.
  4. Purge - sobers you up from recreational chemicals instantly, at the cost of a hangover that lasts three times as long as normal.

Aha, this is right up my alley. One of my players in a S&V game is a drug addict, so I’ve got a bunch of ideas (though most of them are more mundane than the ones on your list).

  1. Mirage - Colorful neon-orange pills. Creates intense hallucinations, has a 1/6 chance to produce helpful visions.
  2. Halo - Chewy gummies. Makes you feel good inside, but also makes your tongue glow bright white.
  3. Ashtari Gas - Very expensive, this gas has to be transported in cooled crystal vials or it becomes toxic.
  4. Fang - Nail-polish like substance. Allows the user to grow out their nails to any length as well as color.
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What about drugs that multiple users have to take simultaneously to have an effect?

Maybe something that causes telepathy between users? Just has to have a good name… Groupthink???