Subtle Psychic Powers

I’m trying to put together a list of subtle but powerful, uh, powers, that would go well in most sci-fi settings. Things that might be weird alien technology, might be advanced cybernetic implants, or might just be magic.

  1. Pyronic Focus - Anything you stare at heats up
  2. Cryonic Focus - Anything you stare at loses heat
  3. Psi-Beam - Anything you stare at is gradually worn away (d4 damage)
  4. Telepath - Anyone you make eye contact with can hear your thoughts and vice versa
  5. Empath - If you spend time concentration, you can detect very strong emotions
  6. Mesmeric Intonation - While someone is talking to you and looking into your eyes, they are unaware of anything else around them
  7. Psi-Disjunction - Anyone you stare at suffers from mild brain aneurysms (d6 damage)
  8. Psi-Disruption - Anyone you stare at feels uncomfortable, as if they’ve forgotten something important or can hear someone calling their name elsewhere
  9. Extra-Sensory Perception - If you stare at someone who is strongly focused on something, you can tell what it is
  10. Psi-Projection - You can meditate to move your point of view away from your body
  11. Telekinesis - Requires your full concentration and at least one hand
  12. Precognition - Allows you to react to events just before they happen
  13. Psychometry - Touch a person or object and ask one yes/no question about them
  14. Psychoportation - Take d6 damage to teleport to somewhere you can see
  15. Psi-Space - By concentrating, you can store a single handheld object in a psionic void or retrieve it. If you die, it is lost forever
  16. Psi-Meld - By holding the head of a willing or unconscious target, you can swap bodies with them
  17. Ghost in the Machine - By touching a device and emanating psychic energies, you can take control of it from the inside. You need to be in contact with cables, sensors or drives, not the external container
  1. Mnemognosis – Explore in great details the memory of a specific scene from the mind of a willing or unconscious target.
  2. Kumachtonia – Jam radio waves in a 5 meters radius.
  3. Pathokinesis – Change the mood of a single target for 10 minutes.
  4. Synepegnosis – Preview the short-term outcome for each option of a choice you are facing.
  5. Prosopamnesia – For 10 minutes, prevent people you meet from remembering you face.
  6. Astrotelepathy – Establish a telepathic communication channel with a star you can see.
  7. Amphiballokhresis – Cause temporary doubt in someone.
  8. Tukheklops – Steal a bit the target’s luck: for the next 24 hours, after a single dice roll of your choosing made by the target, you can elect to set the result aside and force a reroll. You can then substitute the value set aside for the result of one of you own dice rolls in the following 10 minutes.
  9. Ethicopausis – The target stops taking morals into account when making a decision for the next 10 minutes.
  10. Psychotherapy – Cure the target of any debilitating mental illness for the next hour. The effect can become permanent if you spend 24 hours in meditation with them.
  11. Oinokalis – Induce or lessen the effects of light alcohol intoxication.
  12. Auto-hypnosis – Convince yourself of something for the next 24 hours. That information will appear true to lie detectors and mental scrying.
  13. Oneiroapotasis – Prevent a sleeping target from waking up for the next hour.

The fake Greek names are harder to come up with than the actual powers :frowning:.


God damn! The greek names are an absolute treat. “Ethicopausis” sounds like a Harry Potter spell :joy:

Oh, and if you’ve got more powers that don’t have names attached, I’ll definitely take those as well

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  1. You can hear what’s happening in a room next to the one you are in, no matter how soundproof it is.
  2. You trigger an epileptic seizure for everyone in a 5 meters radius around you that fails an appropriate save, you included.
  3. Switch your tastes in a specific domain (music, food, colour…) with the target’s.
  4. Force a machine to regress through its software updates, downgrading one version every minute.
  5. Uplift a thinking animal to human-level intelligence for 10 minutes.
  6. Accelerate the growth of plants in a 20 meters radius.
  7. Change the destination of an hyperspace jump or gate during travel.
  8. Ask a yes/no question and get the results of an instant anonymous poll of what the nearby unprotected minds would answer. This power does not cross void, so the range is the planetary body / spaceship / space station you currently occupy. The range cannot be reduced.
  9. Detect any life form bigger than a cockroach in a 50 meters radius.
  10. Prevent a mutation from occurring. Can be used to halt cancer growth.
  11. Cancel gravity for 10 minutes in a closed room you occupy.
  12. Switch places with another version of you from a parallel universe where everything is the same except they have full HP and do not possess this power.
  13. Get a full medical diagnosis of a target you make skin contact with.
  14. Expand your vision to the full electromagnetic spectrum for 10 minutes. You can also differentiate polarized light.
  15. Learn a short sentence worth of meta-game knowledge from your player.
  16. Ensure that a graft of any biological material onto an willing living being is successful and functional.
  17. Take control of the body and senses of a crustacean you can see. Lasts 10 minutes. The target is allowed a save to prevent the possession provided it has human-level intellect.
  18. Enter a sleep-like stasis: all your biological functions are suspended indefinitely, and you are protected from pressure, or lack thereof. You can only be awakened by skin contact with a hot-blooded living being.
  19. Sever a part of you body: you do not bleed, and can control it remotely for 10 minutes. It can be safely reattached before the end of the duration.
  20. Eat alive a living being bigger than an ant and regain a fifth (rounded up) of its remaining HP.

H e c k. Do you want me to cite you in my sources? Do you have a blog??

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Sure, with pleasure, my blog is

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