Tagging is live

Hey folks, I’ve got a quick announcement.

Tagging posts is now live. Whenever you make a post, you’ll get the chance to add upto 5 tags to further classify it. This should make searching the forums easier, and will be a good organizational tool.

On a side note, I’d highly suggest using the quote function to keep a thread easy to parse. Highlight the person’s reply to who you’re replying and click the quote button that pops up.

That’s all for today folks, and happy adventuring! Stay safe :grin:



Is the tagging feature locked behind a certain trust level? When creating a new topic I’m only able to select “announcement” as a tag and am not able to create any additional tags - please see below .gif


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Ah excellent catch! Tagging has been updated so that Users of Trust Level 1 and higher can create tags.