The Big Introductions Thread

Welcome to the Pit, new_member!

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Once you’ve done this, it might be considered polite to introduce yourself in this topic (opening a new topic just to introduce yourself will definitely be considered impolite): tell us something about you, about what games you play and what you’d like to discuss here.

I’ll start by telling you something about myself. I’m The Kernel in Yellow, also known to mortals as Lorenzo and I’ve been lurking the English-speaking OSR scene for a while now. I also blog in Italian about weird things I find around and weirder hacks (mostly to introduce more rats in whatever game I’m running - I have a thing for rats). I’m also trying to force myself to blog something in English, but, currently, with little success. Someday, when the stars are right, you will find some of my blogposts here. I jump from one game to the other, but I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Maze Rats.


Hey folks,

Kingroy23 here, hailing from the golden hills of Northern California. I’ve been playing RPGs since 2015, starting with DnD 5e before becoming smitten with ICRPG. Recently, a few months ago, I rediscovered the OSR scene (I had lurked the G+ for a bit) and purchased Knave. I’m in the process of learning as much as I can about Old school playing, as well as preparing for my West Marches campaign (starting this sunday :grin:)


Hello, I’m Archon.
I found the OSR in 2018, and run a blog largely focused on SF content and the GLOG. I never made my way onto G+, so other than some flailing on Discord, I never really talked to anyone else in the scene.
And now I’m trapped in a pit.


Hey, all. I’m Jason. I live in Flagstaff, AZ with my wife and baby, work as an EMT at the hospital, and I’ll soon be starting a nursing program that’ll consume most my time. I’ve been playing RPGs since early 2000s when I was in college, which built from a general love of fantasy and video games through most my life. Started with D&D 3.5, moved to 4e, and that sorta pushed me to check out other stuff. I eventually returned to D&D in 2013 in the form of the OSR and Dungeon Crawl Classics. I was fairly active in the DCC RPG G+ and often read through the OSR G+, sometimes commenting. I still lament the loss of G+, but frequent OSR reddit (as rh41n3), twitter (as @JasonAbdin), and various channels on Discord. I keep flirting with the idea of starting a blog, going so far as to secure a name and patreon, but haven’t found the time yet - maybe after nursing school. I wrote a DCC Hexcrawl Starter for the 2019 Gongfarmer’s Almanac (find it in Vol. 12), it was a lot of work. Currently, I’m running a Stonehell Dungeon campaign using Knave with friends online and enjoying the dungeon and the system very much.


Welcome @Archons_Court and @jasonabdin! I hope you enjoy your time in the Pit :smiley:

I feel that. It took me like three years to start blogging on a Telegram channel and then another year before starting a real blog (and, again, another year before doing anything in English) - and sometimes I don’t post for months because I’m out of ideas…

I honestly don’t know if I have any worthwhile ideas to begin with, but I feel like I could come up with something if I pushed myself. At the very least, I could write session reports and make some art.

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While art is always nice to have, I think that session reports are extremely useful. I read them a lot, to see how people play games I’m playing (and thus steal their ideas) and to see how a game I’m considering to play/run works. Sadly, I suck at taking notes during play, so my session reports are very bad.

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This sounds like a fun project!
I am Max. Living and studying in Paris. Started roleplaying with 5e but several years ago have been introduced to osr with Mothership (by a legendary DM) and since then I follow the movement very closely.
I blog, make art, sesh reports and DM for EU folks. Sometimes have time to make pamphlets and such. Cheers!


Hi all!
I’m Johan Nohr, graphic designer and game creator and all around nerd from cold Sweden. Fan of deadly dungeons, skeleton warriors and doom metal. I’ve been doing graphic design and art for games since maybe 2000, and have worked on games like Symbaroum, Mutant: Year Zero, Coriolis, Vampire: The Masquerade and Forbidden Lands. I’m part of a creative collective known as Stockholm Kartell, and am right now making a game together with Pelle Nilsson of Ockult Örtmästare Games called MÖRK BORG. Check it out here. It’s some kind of blackened artpunk doomsday osr about heretics and relic-thieves in a bleak, ending world. Fun times!


Heyo! It’s me, Spwack. I’ve been floating around the interwebs on G+ (at the very end), the OSR Discord, and now a bit of the Tweeters. I’ve got all of my GLOG stuff here (but it’s archived now) and all of my new stuff here. Finders Keepers is my current focus, it’s got 1600+ entries (!!!), and always needs more, so if you have any cool classless, levelless, lightly-restricted abilities, swing them my way.


I am Ahimsa, one half of Knight Owl Publishing. Loved G+ and miss it. Currently working on, well, too many things, but primarily Scourge of the Scorn Lords, a Darksunnish mashup of Road Warrior, Pan’s Labyrinth, Miller’s Crossing, and Yojimbo.


Hello! I’m Kit. I live in the UK. I’ve started playing 5e 3 or 4 years ago and discovered the OSR maybe 1 and a half or 2 years ago. I’m currently trying to persuade the friends I play with to try something other than 5e long terms but have run a few short campaigns with Maze Rats and Basic Fantasy RPG. I’d really like to improve my writing/game-design and try putting out a zine sometime in the future, so for now I’m just reading and digesting everything I can get my hands on. Just got Trilemma Adventures through the post so itching to some of Michael Prescott’s adventures. Happy gaming!


I thought I had no interest in yet another OSR game but damn if Mork Borg isn’t just close to perfect. Actually all the Free League stuff is annoyingly good. Nice work!


Hi folks! I go by ‘Gundobad’ as my arcane online gamer handle - I run the RPG/OSR/wargames/history/archaeology blog:

Gundobad Games

I am a university prof (ancient/medieval history). I typically gravitate toward lighter or more minimalist rulesets, and I commit the great heresy of playing both OSR D&D and PbtA (Powered by the Apocalypse) games. Happy gaming!


Greetings, I’m Daniel from Brazil. Started playing RPGs during the late 90s with AD&D 2E, but eventually 3E took over and I just hated it. I found out about this whole OSR scene around 2009 or 2010, through Basic Fantasy RPG and it made total sense to me… That’s the kind of games I like to play.


Hi guys I’m Thaddeus. I’ve been gaming since 1989. G+ refugee. I make OSR themed embroidered patches and play is several online streaming games with Jason Hobbs and Friends. You can also find me on MeWe. My favorite old school systems are BX, AD&D and AD&D 2nd Ed. I am very interested in the classic tropes and aesthetics of early RPGs which are more deeply rooted medieval history then modern fantasy is. I also enjoy painting and modeling Oldhammer miniatures.


Hi, I’ve been gaming since 1991 and I run the Retired Adventurer blog (since 2012). I mostly play some mixture of old school D&D, D&D 3.5, Mythras, and Openquest these days. I’m starting up a Pathfinder 2e campaign soon where I’m going to be applying a bunch of my OSR ideas about procedures and decisions to a much crunchier ruleset to see what happens.


I think there’s a lot of overlap between the two camps among the DIY-OSR-indie game crowd. Welcome!


Hello! My name is Civman, hailing from the Piedmont region of North Carolina! Been playing TTRPGs since 2016 with 5e, but have been delving into the OSR and Old School scene since discovering Basic Fantasy RPG in 2017 and the Black Hack in 2018. Never be able to get into the G+ scene before the shutdown and been lurking FB and Reddit lately.

I’ve been jumping around writing different rulesets and the like since I have been interacting with the OSR. I hope to publish my own ruleset (even if it is a heartbreaker) since the DIY culture in the OSR community is an inspiration to me.

The latest project I have returned to is Knights on Bikes/Kids on Horses (courtesy of KnightOwl for Kids on Horses). An Adventure Game based around the “Kids on Bike” trope dipped in a vat of OSR Weird Fantasy-ness with several rulesets being hacked together (these including BECMI, Black Hack 2e and a couple of others systems).

Hope to have good discussions here and meet some awesome people!