The Blackfrost Wildlands: the campaign setting of my WB:FMAG PbP campaign

The campaign setting I have developed for my OD&D Play-by-Post campaign using White Box:Fantastic Medieval Adventure Game. It mixes The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind, TES V Skyrim, REH Howard’s Conan the Barbarian, and Dark Souls.


Seems like an awesome campaign! Great writeup too, good amount of detail in the rumours, characters, not too much you get swamped. The months, etc. You got some lucky players. Makes me want to run a play-by-post game!

I like your weather rules, especially the thing about bad weather always lasting extra days. Simple.


Thanks, I’m flatter! Feel free to steal whatever you like!

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I’d be interested to learn how you’re doing the play-by-post thing, the logistics of it. How many posts a day, what your time scale is, how dialogue etc plays out. That type of thing!