The Forgotten Mine of Roggweir : A One Page Dungeon for the One Page Dungeon Contest

Today i had a little bit of time on my hands so i wanted to make something for the One Page Dungeon Context

Here’s my entry :
Explore a forgotten mine filled with crazy cannibalistic Dwarves and save the prisoners before they become their next meal!

Systemless and free to download on
The Forgotten Mine of Roggweir



Interesting competition, I bet there will be like 100 mines though! :slight_smile:
They should stitch them all together and make a megadungeon

I know the theme is not the most original, but it’s my first OPD and i’ve decided to try with something i was already comfortable with.
The Contest was more a way to give me a reason to do that in the first place.

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No I wasn’t having a dig at you, I just noticed that a lot of us have submitted a mine! What up with that? :slight_smile:

Hrmmm … link not working for me

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Link Fixed, thx for the tip <3

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I think that a mine is a very straightforward way to have a self contained setting to explore.
It’s a space that make sense to have:

  • Lots of plot hooks. Mines = Money and greed is always the best way for adventurers and quest giver to interact with each other, something that random caves usually dont have.
  • Limited exploration space delimited by natural barriers
  • Limited but not barren of resources inside. ( Lost equipment, bodies that make sense to be in there (miners, guards) etc)
  • Scary and full of dangers, both natural (cave in, small spaces, darkness) and not (monsters, traps etc)
  • Naturally modular. A a mine can be INSTANTLY used as entry point to another dungeon or space without breaking immersion. The classic trope of the tombs or even cities hidden inside a mine exist for a reason.
  • Useful location. Many adventurers could see the mine itself as a reward. I had at least 2 campaigns that evolved around the concept of freeing and keeping a mine. A lot of good adventures can be played AFTER the main danger in the mine has been cleared just for that reason.
    There are surely more reason to that, but that’s what came to my mind first :smiley:
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What you say is true. It’s why in WHITEFRANK the only “random dungeon” generator type thing is the mine random charts section in the Wild West sourcebook, SIX-GUN LULLABYE. Going to an abandoned (or still working) mine makes sense, and it really does naturally lead into other interesting and exciting things. It feels right rather than a lot of “why on earth is there an entire tunnel complex under this village” sort of stuff.

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Do you think they’d accept this as a one page dungeon?

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