The Lost Bay Podcast

Hi all! Yochai Gal is the first guest of The Lost Bay Podcast, a show with, and about the, OSR creators and artists. We talk about the forest and the influence it had on the creation of Cairn.
You can get the podcast here:

That’s a bear skull in the forest close to Yochai’s house.


Hi All! The Lost Bay Podcast #2 is live!!! guest Leo Hunt creator of Vaults of Vaarn - We talk about his inspirational sources, game design, the American anthropologist David Graeber and, above all, about the colorful world of Vaarn.


Great episode! I like the Vaarn zines very much.


In this episode, we talk about mathematician Edward Tufte, teaching Game Mastering to kids, an angry cloud giant, Ben’s obsession with rules and how a childhood book can influence game design choices.

You can listen to the podcast on youtube:

Or as an audio podcast here:


Woohoo! Awesome podcast, I can’t wait to listen to this!

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I discovered this podcast yesterday and basically binged it. Now I need more.

I think this is an extremely interesting idea for a podcast in general, but this episode was particularly interesting for me (in fact, I’m planning to set aside one evening to re-listen it and take notes).

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Thanks so much! That’s the best compliment. I was lucky I had great guests!

I had a lot of fun recording this conversation with Chris. It was super interesting to discover where does Electric Bastionland comes from, to learn about the thought process behind it.

In this episode we talk about Fear, a strange fascination with the London Underground Railway, a rural English county nobody knows about, one hundred failed careers, miniature wargames, and Intergalactic Bastionland, the art of Alec Sorensen.

If you’d rather listen to the podcast on a podcast app (Anchor, Apple, Spotify), here are all the links

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Another of my favorite authors on a podcast I’m really starting to love. I hope you know I’m listening to all of those episode with a notebook in my hands, frantically jotting down notes on game design ideas.


I love the notebook. That’s what these episodes are made for!!! I’d love to see pictures of your notebook with the notes. I mean, if you’d like to. Hope that’s not too forward to ask. I’m not sure why I’m asking this, your message just puts me in a good mood.