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Hello everyone! It has come to my attention that some of you find it hard to follow blogs. Well, look no further than this post! I have found every blog creator that has posted on the OSR Pit, read the most recent posts and categorized them the best I could. (some blogs fit into several categories of course). I base my categorization on what’s most recent or the majority of content.

I am planning to update this post couple of times a week whenever a blog is updated (or the creator posts an update themselves). So there will be a new reply below with a short description of a post and a link. Maybe an entirely new blogroll post every week or so. Maybe this needs to be a separate file. We will see how this goes.

Structure: @ name - link - why it’s interesting

Feel free to @ me if you feel like your blog is misrepresented, not included, you don’t want to be included, or something else is wrong with this post. Thank you!

Listed in no particular order:

General OSR
@ QuestingBeast - Questing Best - has a monthly newsletter about things that happened in the OSR community
@ DandyMan - Throne of Salt - the map of OSR
@ Shane_Ward - The 3 Toadstools Publishing - working on the Gygax 75 challenge at the moment
@ WizardThiefFighter - WTF - creator of UVG writes on how to electrify your gaming
@ meekless - Peerless Three-rune Blog - “craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality”
@ pjamesstuart - False Machine - Ghibli-esque reactions and Deep Carbon Observatory
@ AwkwardTurtle - Academy of Doors - backgrounds, classes, spells in cassettes
@ Zack_Wolf - Spellsword - The Evils of Illmire, a zone crawl and a dramatic Ghostlines session
@ thekernelinyellow - Omnia Incommoda, Certitudo Nulla - blogs in English and Italian. writing the Gygax 75 and witches

Reflections and essays
@ QuestingBeast - Questing Best - writes on the various OSR relevant topics
@ Xelor - Ankleshot Woes - solo adventuring and thoughts
@ Lichvanwinkle - Lich Van Winkle’s return to gaming - returned to the hobby after 25 years with a critical mind
@ YnasMidgard - Ynas Midgard’s RPG Blog - zine reviews and Hungarian retro-cloning
@ IDDM1DM - Weird Elf Games - Convergent storytelling in elf games series
@ Ben_L - Mazirian’s Garden - memories of 80s d&d and homebrew
@ nroman - A Distant Chime - thoughts about tombs and gods.

Tables, tables and tables
@ spittingimage - Late Night Zen - “the why of” series, spice up your average town with these tables
@ Neradia - Neradia - poison that is not save or die
@ shutteredroom - Shuttered Room - d66 tables, a lot of d66
@ Lizardman - The Lizard Man Diaries - cyber-tables-punk
@ Ktrey - d4 Caltrops - d100 OSE Encounter Activities series
@ svartemyr - Crescent Slug - d100 loot table, for now

System specific
@ Archons_Court - Archon’s Court - sci fi and GLOG
@ GibletBlizzard - Giblet Blizzard - for all your star wars needs
@ mister.erwin - Half Minotaur Farmer - system unspecific hopper and some Troika! backgrounds
@ bastionland - Bastionland - all things Electric Bastionland
@ SunkenPlanets - Sunken Planets - stuff for Dolmenwood from Wormskin
@ Onirim - An Old Playful Fox - what’s Beyond The Wall?

Session reports
@ Neradia - Neradia - short session and playtest reports and reviews.
@ GibletBlizzard - Giblet Blizzard - flintlock fantasy sessions series
@ nroman - A Distant Chime - Castle Xintillan series

Mechanics and houserules
@ spittingimage - Late Night Zen - bar fight mechanics and fantasy x-men
@ Spwack - Slight Adjustments - rules for the neo-classical gaming
@ Gundobad_Games - Gundobad Games - Simpler Domains & Warbands series
@ IDDM1DM - Weird Elf Games - hex crawl regions and war rules
@ chiquitafajita Chiquita Fajita - Stretching OSR’s Limits series
@ Onirim - An Old Playful Fox - Simpler battle grid combat

Settings and monsters
@ spittingimage - Late Night Zen - you need apes? they’re all here
@ Oni - Third Eye Openers - OSR and Mörk Borg farm product stats
@ DandyMan - Throne of Salt - incredibly detailed sci fi/fantasy locations
@ Ben_L - Mazirian’s Garden - Immortal Zyan, a dreamy setting
@ DUNGEONSandBRUTALITY - Dungeons and Brutality - Iisalem, the Dreaming World for Gygax 75 challenge

P.S. when I say “series” there are at least 2 posts with the same theme or goal.
P.P.S sorry that noone gets mentioned, discourse allows me only 10 and I didn’t want to choose
P.P.P.S. please don’t take the categories too personally or as very precise. Every blog is full of very different and unique content. These descriptions are just for newcomers to familiarize themselves with the blogosphere. :slight_smile:


If you use reddit, the keeper of the excellent blog Alone In The Labyrinth (and creator of PARIAH - psychedelic Stone Age role-playing) or I put up a weekly blogroll on r/osr.

It’s a good place to find up-to-date stuff all in one place; several of those listed above post their links regularly.

Everyone welcome.

This week’s call is out and up.

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I was inspired by those blogrolls. Thank you!
I thought of setting up something like that here and wanted to navigate people through the awesome blogs of the OSR Pit.

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Wow, this is crazy awesome!

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This is a wonderful job, thank you!

Also, since my blog will probably be bilingual for a while, I’ve added an RSS feed for the English posts (I’m also trying to work on a tag-based homepage so I can separate posts by language).

P.S: @Kingroy23 and @Max how do you feel about pinning this post in the Blogs n’ Links category and making it a wiki?

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That would be great. Thanks!

For those that have problems keeping up with blogs, try RSS:

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My legacy. If there’s anything I’d like to be remembered by, it’s sentient Pears with Psionic abilities!
Jokes aside, thanks for mentioning me. I made a few notes for a dungeon that includes all the monsters I’ve written up in that post.

The starting situation is a bit like at the start of Animal Farm when the fight is about to break out, except it’s not animals this time but Farm-Products. It is as ridiculous as it sounds.

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Wonderful idea. I’m totally down.

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