The OSR PIT Zine is ALIVE! Now open for submissions

I’ll go for a double spread please! I’ll see about cramming my mini tunnecrawl onto a single spread, or cannibalising it for the good parts. And use the other spread for the tables, mechanics stuff.

I can do InDesign work. Also, if there are a people wanting to do a single column or a single page, i can take a few of those and lay them out.


Below is a screenshot of my work-in-progress layout. I’m working in InDesign without the proper template, but I tried to match font and text box sizes. Using @KnightOwl’s table design. :slight_smile:

BTW, does anyone want to use my “d8 Theories On Why The Town Fell Into the Pit” table in their layout, maybe somewhere near an introductory page? It feels out of place here, and I’d hate to throw it away.

I think many of us will run into this issue of having a loose table that’s not worth a page on its own, but useful in the right context.

Mini adventure layout WIP:


This looks really, really good. Nice work!

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Thanks!! Means a lot! :smiley:

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Hey there! I’d like to contribute a single spread:

d20 Tunnel Denizens, Dangers, and Encounters

Basically a quick way to throw something at the players as they explore the tunnels, whether that be a trap, creature antagonists, poison gas, cave-ins, or whatever.

Let me know if this doesn’t fit. Thanks!

Also, I don’t currently have Affinity Publisher, but I might could find a copy or something. Otherwise I’m willing to work with someone on layout.


Perhaps I could contribute some artwork. It’s not really conventional osr/D&D style artwork, but if there’s room. Colorful, painted characters. Someone on the osr reddit mentioned Troika-ish…


Awesome, you got it. The mock-up looks great, hopefully we’ll have some official InDesign templates soon.

I’ve been thinking about reserving a slot for the introduction to the Pit, I’d love to use it.

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Sounds good!

Stunning work @perplexingruins, I think it’d fit great on our zine. Anything catch your eye yet?

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Does the zine have a name yet? I was talking to other people about it and I couldn’t recall one and haven’t seen a name used here yet.

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@Kingroy23 I forgot to sign up a space for the 1d8 reasons why it’s a bad idea to explore the tunnel, do you think it would be better to drop it or just add the table to the Digmaids’ space?

its called “the pit”


I reserved a double spot for stuff about the setting, you can definitely work with that space.

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Thank you! Haven’t quite seen a subject I’d be capable of illustrating yet, but will keep checking in. Could make a painting of one of the encounters or denizens. Or would be happy to post illustration and have somebody generate a NPC/monster background, stats, etc? Rather new to the whole scene really…


Does anyone have a completed example?

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Haven’t been too active on these forums due to a million other things in my life, but I’d be down to do some art for the zine!
Examples of my D&D-type work.
I’m down to draw just about anything tbh


Hey, I’ve finished putting my review for Willow in the template.

It’s in the google drive now. Here’s the example:

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Here’s a rough drawing for my submission a friend helped by creating. I couldn’t post my idea for the zine due to an inability to log in to the site until today. It’s a magical snowman. Is he good? He don’t look like a nice snowman to me. He’s found deep inside a pit within the pit. Very Spooky. Each of his items are magical or serve a purpose. The carrot nose for example… one bite can provide the nourishment an adventurer needs to last a week in the pit. His coal buttons can be compressed into diamonds. Could there be more treasure? If this submission gets accepted be prepared to… SWEAT LIKE A SNOWMAN IN HELL!


We have one double slot left. Do you want to sign up for it?

It’s be an honor to have a full page spread <3

Yeah I want the last spread for this bitchin’ snowman!

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