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The collection

Long story short, we have a game collection for our TTRPGs. At the moment it’s very small (just me and @chiquitafajita), but I hope to expand it in the future (also, see below about how I plan to do that). Anyway, if I forgot any of your publications which you would like to have included in the collection, PM me.

The Jam

And here we go for the juicy part. We could do a nice Pit game jam but we need some ideas about how to do it, what themes we would like and so on. So, please, feel free to drop any suggestion you have on the topic.


An excellent idea, I have looked at participating in a Game Jam but haven’t worked up the courage to try one. Not sure what suggestions I can make, I say we should have a Jam that highlights the different ideas we all can bring and be wide open enough to allow anything but centered around a singular concept like combat, social, dungeon-delving, etc. That’s just my two cents.

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I agree it’s a fun idea. What about a birthday game jam? Any Pit posters having a birthday soon? Or maybe a Halloween jam?


A birthday party theme would be fun! :slight_smile: So would Halloween! But, I don’t know why, a birthday theme feels less obvious and by virtue of that more creative/fun to work with.

We could always do a random table of holiday/special occasion themes, in the OSR spirit!

I forgot to express it here, but I have created a small Ruleset for Zombie Apocalypse style games. I want to share it here so it can be linked in the Collection.

Link here: In the Shadow of a Crumbling City: Last RPG Jam Edition by Civ-Man (


If you really launch the Pit Jam I will be very eager to submit something!


I’m down to create one! I’m about to run my first within the next couple of days, so if that goes well I’ll be happy to make another.

And of course, if someone wants to make one sooner they should!