The Pit Zine - Nonfiction articles

Some things that might be cool to include.

System reviews, especially newer or slightly less well-known ones (Mork Bork, Symbaroum, Forbidden Lands, Electric Bastionland, Seacat, Mothership,Troika, etc) . I think these are most useful if they’re no more than half a page.

System comparisons- any of the above, plus OSE, Lamentations, White Box, DCC (?)

Zinequest reviews: zinequest 2 zines are getting complete. Would be cool to get some reviews of these.

Creator Interviews Would be nice to have maybe one of this, a page longish, per issue. There are a lot of creators in here that would be cool to here from. I would love to hear, say, Jez Gordon tell us about Feral or Patrick Stuart tell us about updating a module.

Mechanics: This might be a little insider-basebally, but it would be cool to have like a roll over vs roll under article. Or some kind of depiction the range of 3d6 vs the swingy d20

House Rules: new ways to do initiative, experience levels, HP, etc.


I backed a bunch, I could review some of my favorites

To clarify, these are my backed projects:

Oh jeez I never actually looked at how many I purchased haha

Are there any we specifically want to cover? Are there any other people who want to call dibs on one? Do we want to focus on members of The Pit community? I know I’ve seen at least 3 of these authors here. Do we not want to play favorites? Would it be too much to ask those that got their works reviewed in the zine to contribute something to the product?

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Damn, that’s impressive. I don’t think we necessarily need any kind of quid pro quo. Maybe just highlight 2-4 of your favorites.

After thinking about it I’ll review the ones I like from users of this forum.

As the idea of the zine is to highlight the diversity of the pit it only makes sense to review the works of the users here.

I’ll then reach out and let them know I’ve selected their pieces and ask if they’d like to contribute as well, without obligation.