The Pit Zine - OSR Snapshot

I would think we’d want to highlight the diversity of the community by having it be a Zine containing snapshots of all the things the community is passionate about and not necessarily focused on building a cohesive “world.” I think building a whole world is great when you have a few contributors to a project that all sign on based on that, but if you want to include as many of the different ideas and personalities that reside on this board you’ll want to allow them to write whatever they want about whatever they’re passionate about. @maderschramm

A place for people to comment and discuss their contributions to this aspect of the 'zine.


I’m developing ose character sheets for fantasy grounds. The basics are done, just working on the advanced now.

As far as other projects, I was working on some Whitehack pamphlets, along with an idea around the Canturbury Tales and having each tale be a micro setting, I could accelerate one of these as a submission.