The Plantiary + The Insectiary sale bundle!

The Plantiary and the Insectiary are system-agnostic collections of weird plants and insects, respectively, in a minimalist design and with minimalist rules. Highly-compatible with 5e, OSE and other traditional fantasy roleplaying games.

There’s a sale going where you can get the two with a discount at Games Omnivorous.

Games Omnivorous.

Hope this looks good to you!


Just came back from Games Omnivorous. Had to purchase the bundle! I’m always looking for creatures to quickly insert into an encounter. The Clone Bonsai is disturbing in so many ways.

I envision an eccentric surgeon framing locals for crimes he is committing. He uses the blood he has obtained from them during surgeries to create clones using the Bonsai. The players will definitely not see this coming. Great job and love the creativity. Thanks to Andre Novoa (text) and Pipo Kimkiduk. Keep pumping out the ideas.:bulb:

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thank you! hope you enjoy.

Looks beautiful. Can I buy a pdf of it?

yap, ofc. The Plantiary - Games Omnivorous | have fun!

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