The Sepulchre of Seven: a free OSE-compatible module!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been lurking here (and there) in the OSR realms for a while, and I’ve ended up releasing a free OSE-compatible adventure:
The Sepulchre of Seven is a 39-room dungeon for levels 5-7, based on (and inspired by) a map by Matt Jackson, and another by Dyson Logos.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, or find something in it for your own games.

People have said nice things so far, but feedback and comments are always welcome!

It’s available on itch or DTRPG:


I love the cover! very cool.


I only just DLed/scanned this just now, but thanks so much! This is long and impressive, it must have taken you a lot of time to make. I like how clear and color coded the map is, the obvious attention that was paid to the lay-out and formatting and your unique front and cover art style. Great stuff! :slight_smile:

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Downloaded it, read it, and briefly playtested it.

I like it very much. The only dislike I have is the use of double columns because in this case with so much in the way of charts and entries they might have been better served inserted into single column pages.

It felt like a living world and one with enormous potential for further play, as well as provided the potential for clear interesting character backgrounds.

Excellent work!


I honestly only have a faint idea of how long it actually took… 6-8 month on and off, during my spare time (but this was a year with some extra free time… :wink: ). The cover art was tricky for me, but I like how it turned out. Glad you like it!

I usually find double-column to be easier to scan and use, but I’ll admit it didn’t occur to me that (at least some parts) would maybe be better off in a single column format. Definitely something I’ll keep in mind if I end up making another one!

As for the NPC design, I wanted to populate the dungeon with classic monsters, while trying to make them unique (if only a bit), and give them some potential for player-interaction and faction play. Hopefully it works, but I also hope some of them are interesting enough for people to use in their own games, even if they’re not running this dungeon.

Thank you both for your kind feedback! :smiley: