Trying Into The Odd

Thought I’d give Into The Odd a go, and I like to write up what worked for me and what didn’t. In short: it was short! As a GM, I found it easy to run. Not all the players are so sure. Also, I need to remember that players like looting corpses.


My own try at a game of Into The Odd was also a failure…
I loved to run it, but my players weren’t as thrilled.
Still, i do love dearly this game…
I was so in love back then, that I created a setting to play into called Into London 1814, an early industrial setting with tidbits of magical remnants, a lot inspired by the series “Taboo”.

If you want to check out what i had developed, it’s all in a blog:


That’s a really good resource, thanks! Never saw Taboo, but I suspect it doesn’t matter.

It does not really matter, but i’d say it’s a big help setting the tone.
What I took from taboo is stuff like:

  • Is the butcher really working on the street
  • Are all streets in London so dirty (spoilers, they are)
  • Do the USA spy on british soil?

I don’t think you’d have to watch the whole series to get the atmosphere of London back then, but I do consider it to be a really good series anyway :wink:

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