[Video] Booster Stories by Soloflow

Hi everyone !
I’ve created a new streaming format: Booster Stories
In my stream, I crack open a Magic booster of the newest edition (currently “Adventures in the Forgotten Realms”) and use the cards to tell a story in a typical rpg way.
I’ve experimented a bit, and I find the result now to be good enough to be put on YouTube for everyone to see:

The stream happens 3x/week (Tue, Wed, Thu at 16:00 UTC+2), so if you liked what you saw, come and join the stream.
I also have built a discord around all my activities, rpg, streaming, theater, and stand-up, so come and also join this growing Discord: You can also join our growing Discord: [From outer space]

I’ll post new videos in here, as they are published on YouTube.

Ps: yes, Soloflow is my other nickname, the one I use for Stage and Screen

Second video, before I stream tomorrow the next story !

Just uploaded the 3rd Video !

​Just uploaded the 4th part of the current Booster Story “Battle vs. the Baleful Beholder”!

the 5th video, and final part of the Baleful Beholder arc, is online !