Weird & Wonderful Worlds Megathread

Ok I promise after this I will stop spamming the discourse today about my new game Maximum Recursion Depth, or Sometimes the Only Way to Win is to Stop Playing: The Karmapunk RPG (Ashcan Edition) I’m just a very excitable person.

Here is the appendix-N on my blog!


I’ve created autogenerator tables:

NPC Generator based on Chris McDowall’s “Mash-Up Method”. Nominally for my new game Maximum Recursion Depth or Bastionland, but can be used basically for any system or setting.

The post also includes generators for creating MRD Investigations and MRD Courts of Hell, all three of which can be used together to quickly build a flavorful adventure seed for MRD (or potentially some other poltergeist hunting / investigation-type scenario).

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The poltergeist they want investigated is a younger family member (besides sibling, parent, or child) who was a recurser, but it is uncertain if they performed their reincarnation ritual in time
The poltergeist is believed to have been reincarnated within the Numberless Courts of Hell (and is now trapped there)
The client sees this as an embarrassment

Ha. Not sure I’ll ever be able to find players to try out your setting but this is generator is pretty cool.

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Lol ya it’s definitely for a particular sort of person, but I’m glad you like it

Discussion on Korean TTRPGs with Gearoong

Bastionjam Showcase: Cosmic Orrery - Odd Beings


Four-Dimensional Hexcrawling Through Abyss and Space

More or less the same as my discussion post here

Would certainly appreciate comments here, in that thread, or on the blog post!

A retrospective on my first game, Pixels & Platforms

Modern / Progressive Takes on Genre Fiction

Originally posted here on The OSR Pit.

More Half-Formed Ideas from the Onenote

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Spwack: Weird & Wonderful Interviews

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Integrating Videogames into Tabletop RPG Conflicts (original posted here on the pit)

Saker Tarsos: Weird & Wonderful Interviews

Not a new post but as of 2020-11-06 I’ve updated the About Me on my blog.

I also forgot to promote The Indigo Saint’s Cathedral, the first chapter of what was supposed to be a sort of “anti-Halloween” short story. Not anti in the sense of being opposed to Halloween, but more like, opposite of it, in some ways.

Maximum Recursion Depth Group 2 Play Report

Here’s the transcript of my interview with The HardBoiled GMShoe’s Office for my Kickstarter for Maximum Recursion Depth!

I haven’t been going out of my way to promote my blog posts lately, but I did something kind of unique with this one, or I think so anyway, so I wanted to give it some promotion.

This post is quite a bit different than my normal stuff, or actually any blogosphere post I can think of, seriously! And I’m really hoping to get some participation on it, I think you’ll see why when you give it a look.

Anyway, maybe it’s too weird or too up its own ass, but I think there could be something here, so please check it out!

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Weird & Wonderful Player Design Patterns (pt.1?)

Inspired by my I am a Bad Player thread. A blog post that lays out an approach to teaching Players how to play like we teach GMs how to GM; not just tips and tricks, but actual tools, in the form of Player Design Patterns that Players can apply when they game.

In this first post I just give one Player Design Pattern and one GM Design Pattern (for comparison), but I hope to post about more Player Design Patterns and write other Player-oriented posts in the future if people find this interesting or useful at all.

Game Design Patterns: Social Intrigue

I discuss my concept of Social Intrigue games, given feedback I’ve received both as a GM and as a player.