What Data are your Cyberpunks Stealing?

In a Cyberpunk-flavored game, the “loot” is often some kind of valuable data, which sure, you can “actually make up from scratch based on where you’re stealing it from”, but this is the OSR, damnit, and we have random tables to save us from making things totally from scratch. The closest I’ve been able to find to a similar table is “Data Mining” in Augmented Reality (fantastic system-neutral Cyberpunk procedural setting content generator).

Who wants to help me build such a table? I’ll start with this:

D?? Cyberpunk Data Treasures

  1. Plans for a new super weapon
  2. Layout to a corporate outpost
  3. Organizational Chart for Black Ops Division
  4. Customers Private Data
  5. Uncooked Financial Records
  6. Personnel Files on Top Scientists
  7. Division Budget for Coming Year
  8. Embarrassing Photos
  9. Incriminating Photos
  10. Molecular Structure of New Designer Drug
  11. Black ICE Program
  12. Backdoor into Competitor’s System
  13. Bank Accounts
  14. Consumer Passwords
  15. Only backup of emails destroyed due to compromising contents
  16. Embarrassing Pornography
  17. Illegal Pornography
  18. Executive’s Personal Notes
  19. Security Camera Footage of Industrial Accident
  20. Corporate Network Diagram
    . . .

Mind if I steal some of these? I’m adding rare/dangerous information to the starting gear of sci-fi characters

  1. Advanced AI mind-core
  2. Two tickets to an incredibly rare event
  3. Memetic hazard
  4. Last seen location of a renowned freedom fighter and/or terrorist
  5. Stolen identity of a high-level bureaucrat
  6. 30s of processing time on “The Mainframe”

Definitely interested in this, I’ll be returning with some additions later on.

Yessss. I need more SCP in my cyberpunk.


I need to play more cyberpunk games. This are my additions:

  1. Sysadmin’s passwords
  2. Source code/hardware blueprints for the company’s next product
  3. Credentials for supplier’s system
  4. Enough employee’s data for an identity theft
  5. HR’s file on some middle level manager

Not at all! That’s the idea with dice democracy.

Great idea for a list, though I must confess I’ve never played in a Cyberpunk campaign before (and am not super knowledgeable about the genre). What system would you recommend?

  1. Detailed blueprints of the oldest casino in the city
  2. Emails that prove a powerful politician has taken bribes
  3. A disgruntled athlete cussing someone out in a video message
  4. The script for an upcoming blockbuster film
  5. Passwords to embarrassing websites
  6. Horrific scientific analysis from a hidden lab
  7. Bad fanfiction :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I ran a pseudo-OSR-style game using Boy Feelings, a cyberpunk one-off game about stealing a cache of 200 unreleased Carly Rae Jepsen songs. It’s based off of Lasers and Feelings so there’s only two stats and a short character description, though I also gave my players index cards representing various items (silent pistol, autohacker, flashlight, etc). I thought it worked pretty well for getting my players used to thinking outside of their character sheet :slight_smile: But on that note…

  1. Unreleased songs from a long-gone popular artist
  2. A downloadable car that can be cheaply 3D-printed and threatens the auto industry
  3. A book of recipes from dead cultures around the world
  4. Algorithmically-amassed data from social network users
  5. Video recordings of secret criminal trials
  6. A program that erases all traces of an individual’s identity from internet-connected devices

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  1. Unpublished marketing campaign details.
  2. DNA sequences for a board member who needs a new liver.
  3. Drug trial results and statistics.
  4. Uncensored board meeting minutes.
  5. A media celebrity’s tour schedule.