What Is The Worst Monster

What is the worst monster? Why is it the worst monster?


Personally, I’d say the kobolds.

Crunch-side they occupy the same niche as goblins, but fluff-side they are not covered nearly as much and end up as damage soakers which don’t bring anything really interesting in the game world.


I love kobolds :frowning:

I think level drain is a stupid mechanic, so anything involving that. Aging and stat drain are similar but much more flavorful so I’d simply swap that out.

What is it like to lose a level anyway? How do you describe it in a way different than draining a stat?

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Beholders are pretty dumb to me. Definitely seem too cartoony when compared with their devastating powers.

Zombies. And that goes to zombie-related undead, like ghouls. I blame the oversaturation in mass media, maybe some years later they could be cool to me again. And I like skeletons more than them, anyway.

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They are all beautiful!

But maybe human enemies because they aren’t real monsters (or are they?). Then again in some ways human enemies are the best monsters.

So, in summary, having no monsters is the worst monster.

Orcs. Simply because they are done so badly, and so easily. I really like “orcs” though: these ones and also rude orcs

The tarrusque is the actual worst monster in the game, form a mechanical standpoint.its un killable.

Worst I dunno, most monsters have a place for me.

They’re everywhere so It takes a lot of work to make a goblin interesting again. I have an easier time with kobolds: organized kobold society, kobold engineers creating traps, kobolds in service of a dragon, kobold cultists praying to their dragon ancestors, kobold miners defending their territory from dwarfs out for gems.
But goblins? Not much new you can do with them.

I’ll be happily proven wrong.

I would have to say the worst monster is the Orc. Indeed it’s mostly a playable race now, but it was originally intended to be an entirely corrupted race by Morgoth and Sauron (in LotR) that was irredeemable. It’s been so humanized now that it really can’t be viewed as a “monster” any more than a human can.