What's the best map you've ever seen?

I absolutely love poring over people’s fantasy campaign maps, and I’ve come across some fantastic ones. I’m always looking for mapping inspiration, so I thought I’d ask y’all to share some of your favorite maps! I’ll start it off.

I really like Ben from Questing Beast’s work, especially this map:

This one has a great sense of scale, perfect for an epic journey or quest against unimaginable odds.

My current favorite map is probably Runehammer’s map of Alfheim, which can be found in the ICRPG Worlds book or in this poster pack.

It’s chock full of interesting landmarks that are so evocative that I get ideas for adventures just from looking at them. I have no idea how he came up with this wondrous map. I wonder if he plans out the locations he wants to illustrate or if it’s a more freeform process where he just creates these landmarks off the dome.

Here’s just a tiny portion of the map, the adventures practically write themselves:

I could see myself printing this out and just putting this down on the table in front of my players and they pick where they want to travel. Each landmark could be a session by itself.

And lastly, Map Crow is a Youtuber I just discovered yesterday but I absolutely love his style. Not only is he an insanely good artist, he seems to be really plugged in to the OSR scene and his voiceovers have great DMing/map-making advice. He also populates his maps with evocative landmarks, and has this nice isometric but not too cluttered style.

Personally, I think Runehammer’s Alfheim map is the perfect middleground between Ben and Kyle’s (Map Crow) style. It has scale but also has evocative isometric details. I would love to draw maps like these one day, but I’m not really sure where to begin. Any advice on that would be welcome too :slight_smile:
Now I’d like to see what some of your favorite maps are!

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Some time ago (before I came to term with being totally incapable of doing drawing-related things) I used to spend a lot of time on r/mapmaking and r/FantasyMaps, both to look at maps and to read the high-quality advice from the comments (I’ve learned a lot about geography in those subs). It’s been a while since I read them, so maybe their quality has declined, but I’d definitely give them a read.

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Dear friends, you should also have a look at the maps on the cartographers’ guild:

It is THE place to see the most inventive and talented cartographs of fantasy maps (or sci-fi)…

I can recommend their atlas awards: Cartographers' Guild - The Atlas Awards Winners 2021 Edition


Oh wow, that’s a great resource! Thank you for sharing, especially those sensational Atlas Award Winning maps! They’re so beautiful

It’s not a community where i am very present (my skills in cartography are very basic, as you can see under this message), but a good friend of mine is an admin and an incredibly talented cartograph (Ilanthar, check his work there)

Gotta share the love :wink:

Here, the map i’ve created for my “venician fantasy with alchemy”-setting: Neptoma, the lagoonborn city dedicated to Neptune… [W.I.P.]

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