Wind Wraith Kickstarter now live! Dark Fantasy ocean world setting for OSE

I just launched my new book on kickstarter. A dark fantasy ocean world designed for old school essentials! I am writing, illustrating and laying out the book and running the campaign by myself so I really appreciate any interest it helps support me.
Thank you

Please check it out if that sounds interesting to you:
Some more info on the setting:

Island exploration in a gothic waterworld

  • Factions competing over limited resources in stormy seas

  • Ancient ruins guarded by rusted arcane constructs

  • Survive dangerous voyages

  • Hire a crew, build and upgrade your ship

  • Old School Essentials compatible

  • Underwater exploration

  • Magical flora, bacteria and parasites

  • Battle rival crews in naval skirmishes

  • Hunt or be hunted by monstrous leviathans

  • Quick start rules

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