ZineQuest—In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe

My first project, In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe is launched for Zine Quest 3.

I fell in love with Old School Essentials last year and really wanted to create an adventure module for the system. The book is designed to be approached as a sandbox with a very detailed topographic overland map. 7 dungeons and 4 settlements with descriptions and maps laid out for readability and clarity. Check it out if it interests you!

I’m new to the OSR Pit and was only just informed about it. I don’t want to merely treat it as an advertisement platform, so this will be the only post about it. Thank you!


I love the art so much! The facial expressions are so good. This looks fantastic. Would you mind giving an elevator pitch about the unique elements of the sandbox?

It looks beautiful and kudos to you for all you did solo to make it, from art to cartography to text.

What tools did you use to make the wilderness map?