First RPG experience, early printing 1st edition Gamma World, followed a few years later by B/X+AD&D, then rapidly everything else I could find: Traveller, CofC,RuneQuest, etc.

I have more time as world and content creator, then GM, then least as Player; I prefer it that way.

My games are almost always eventually discovered to be in the Urutsk Metacosmos, and as a result are just as much ‘historical’ periods of whatever world, as they are Anachronistic. The genre is most closely identified with cosmic post-apocalypse, or faux fantasy low-tech sci-fi, but with some sort of pervasive mysticism which feels like magic, or technology, depending upon those asked.

I prefer deadly, verisimilitudinous, and detailed games, which is why I tend to always run my home system (see Urutsk above), in whatever iteration it may be at present.

My cultural tastes run the darker, more serious/depressing/grim flavours, but I do enjoy hippy music as well, from a better, vanished time. Enterprise is my fave ST, Empire Strikes Back my SW, and, Atlantis my SG. Space: 1999 and its predecessor, UFO, are among my most faved Sci-Fi, not simply Brit-Fi, but The Tomorrow People, Blake’s 7, and Tom Baker Who also cannot be dismissed as mere novelties of their era. I cannot speak enough praise for, In The Line of Duty (at least series 1-4, haven’t started 5), as some of the most intelligent and twisted mundane world TV ever seen by these eyes.