A Packet of Particular Peaks - NOW LIVE ON KICKSTARTER!

I’m finally doing a book (hopefully)!

Old school inspired, art-heavy fantasy mountain settings, with a focus on being able to “drop-in-and-drop-out” of the settings. This is a huge dream of mine to get a book going, and I’ve been so incredibly inspired by not only the support I’ve received for my artwork, but the general support and acceptance of new ideas within the OSR community.

Cheers to anyone that decides to back this project, I owe you a thank you for helping to make this happen.

Big shoutouts to @Lazy_Litch and @cavernsofheresy for helping me map this journey out. Your words of encouragement really helped get this off the ground.


Congrats on launching!

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Thank you so much @Kingroy23! It’s so incredible to see the support this project has gotten so far!

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Just a quick reminder that the Kickstarter campaign for A Packet of Particular Peaks is now in it’s final days! Old school inspired, system neutral, art heavy fantasy mountain settings for your game sessions! Thank you to anyone that has already backed, your support is greatly appreciated.