A5 BECMI Reprint

As a younger OSR player, I never had the original BECMI books, so I decided to make my own. I decided on A5 as it’s my preferred size of books these days. I think it turned out pretty good!


These look amazing! The print quality looks great as well, did you use a special printer for these?

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No sir, lulu printed them all for a few bucks each.

I was impressed as well. The matte finish gives them a nice feel and look.


Oooh, right, got it, thanks! I don’t suppose they will lie flat while opened? They look a bit too stiff for that from the pics. Otherwise yeah, very impressive.

No, definitely won’t lie open flat. A5 won’t work for that I don’t think, even the hardcover sewn bindings of OSE won’t do it

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I saw a few customers were mentioning that about the hardcovers as well - kinda wish they’d offer a premium version that lies flat. It’s really a minor thing overall though, product looks worth the money regardless.

OSE is amazing and definitely worth it. I just think that with A5’s size you can’t physically get books to lie flat like you can with larger print versions - so you have to trade off the usability of the small form factor or the usability of a lie-flat.

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Wow, those look stunning.


Those are awesome! The matte finish was an inspired choice.

Did you do that recently? I’ve heard lulu’s having massive problems…

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Thanks Aaron,

Yes, I ordered them at the end of May. A lot of Lulu’s print options are not around any longer, which may be the “trouble” you’re referring to, but outside of a long print/shipping time due to COVID I would say the print quality of the options they do have are on point based on what I received. This is in contrast to the print quality I’ve recently seen at DriveThruRPG - my 1e DMG hard back is not so great, for example. DTRPGs print/ship times are even worse than what I saw at Lulu as well.

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DAMN! This is pretty heckin’ badass. I love the A5 format. Cough Lamentations Cough. I never played growing up either. I’m pretty sure my mom told me it made kids suicidal or whatever bs lol.

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So sounds like Lulu is still the best POD option for RPGs?
Just printed something with The Book Patch but I’d like to try other services just to compare.

I think so, I’m pleased with the service, although I must admit I don’t have a ton of PoD experience outside of printme1 and Lulu so I’d love to hear of other services to look at!

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at The Book Patch an 86 page ‘A5’ came out to about $6 plus another $6 for shipping and handling.
I can get it printed locally for about the same so I’m going to try that and compare.
I didn’t see any option at Book Patch for printing on the inside cover, which I’ve seen some books do. I’d like that option.

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That’s about the same price as lulu was, maybe a little but more. I wish lulu did printing on the inside covers as well but it seems that option was removed.

I didn’t realize an individual print from a local shop would be that reasonable. I’ll have to investigate what’s available in my area, I ruled it out before even investigating and I’d like to support local businesses if I can

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I know I am reviving this post, but I was thinking of doing the same thing and wondered how the size made the many charts and graphs (which were already very small) able to be read? Are these great for just the writing, or can you use all the charts as well?

There’s interior pictures above. Looks fine

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The Weapon proficiency in the Master DM book and the Immortals books have some VERY tiny charts, so I was just wondering.