Curse of the Wild

Coming from an idea by @ktrey, a list of curses and malignancies that come from spending too long in the mythic wilderness!


  1. Domestic animals hate you
  2. Cooked food provides no nourishment
  3. Metal armour causes agony when worn
  4. Metal tools always break when used
  5. Voice is filled with grunts, hoots and screeches

Here’s a few more:

  1. Forehead sprouts tiny and painful ossicones/horns/antler buds. Wearing a helmet/headband is now impossible.
  2. Fingernails grow incredibly fast and must be trimmed twice a day. This makes some intricate tasks involving manual dexterity (missile fire, lock picking, spell casting) difficult until trimmed.
  3. Small swarms of mostly harmless flying insects follow you around, darning the air.
  4. Itchy scales and dainty fronds of pale lichen starts growing on your skin. This is highly flammable.
  5. No matter how hard you try: Unless you are in a thunderstorm, starting a fire is impossible for you .