D&D New Releases ep. 6 June 4-10, 2021 Dungeons & Dragons DM's Guild DriveThruRPG third party books

WHITEFRANK: Eternal Voyage of Sinbad gets a mention at about the 44:30 mark but the whole thing is cool and he goes through a lot of stuff, and in a positive non-snarky way. That’s all that is needed really.

New video- Six-Gun Lullabye cued up

Some more cool stuff in this set of reviews. A lot of the fantasy stuff is as always a bit samey wamey but the reviewer goes out of his way to find the good and the useful. If you haven’t already this is a youtube channel well worth subscribing to and a creator well worth supporting!

Yes, nice work this guy is doing!

I discovered it when he contacted me to tell me that he is talking about my latest adventure, “The Burnt Church” in Ep.9 (at 1h07min).

Yes I saw yours. :wink: I have told him a couple times to email me rather than leave a comment on DriveThru, I don’t have time to trawl through 14 - 16 different product comment sections oO
I think his approach is very good, and for people solely reliant or mainly reliant on DriveThru this sort of commentary and promotion may make a real commercial difference as well.

Not sure if it makes a commercial impact, as view count is quite low. I hope it will grow, because there is quite a lot of work behind each video, and it deserves recognition.

But it mainly made me realize the huge amount of products released each week!

I am trying to get him more views but between the insular nature of many D&D so-called “communities” and the utterly borked youtube “algorithms” (ha ha) it is an uphill battle. I might put a link to him on the book sites that allow a video promotion of my books.