Dördhöl levels 1-3 (maps)


(it will someday will grow up and be a real megadungeon)

I have been working on creating an interconnected, and hopefully someday, huge mega-dungeon. I have so far posted maps for levels 1 through 3 on the old blog. Some might be able to use for a quick adventure, or five. I have included some ideas on who/what is living in the maps so far and some rumors one may have heard at the local tavern but feel free to reskin for your campaigns. Enjoy.

Level one: http://www.msjx.org/2020/04/behold-dordhol.html
Level two: http://www.msjx.org/2020/05/dordhol-level-two.html
Level three: http://www.msjx.org/2020/05/dordhol-level-three.html

Also, if you are going to comment about my misuse of the umlauts or complain about pigdin Swedish/Danish/Finnish I used in the name, well, go F yourself. I’ve already heard it from the crowd over on Reddit. “Dördhöl” is a made up name, of a made up megadungeon, in a made up creative game. You cannot understand that, don’t go to my blog. I don’t like your types in those parts.


I am fond of your palette choice. Very pleasant to the eyes.


Thanks! I try to make is a bit washed out, almost like a faded photograph. I feel like that adds ‘age’ to it rather than the bright colors of some maps. Glad you like it!

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Excellent style Mr. Matt.

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