Fantasy Itinerant Merchants

Itinerant merchants that you can put in random encounters tables.
Give them some type of goods to sell and a fun trait.

Right now I have lantern headed merchant who sell magical lanterns, a masks merchant, a overloaded cats merchant, a spider merchant and a eyes merchant.

I am working on a small zine about these merchants, tell me if you are ok with me including your suggestion into a random table that will go into the zine. :slight_smile:


Eyes merchant sounds super fun!

Jar of Prismatic Peepers
Sold by the pair: There are two of each of the colors of the rainbow.
You can replace an eye or both eyes with yours and see anything of that color perfectly regardless of light/darkness/fog/etc.

And here’s a Magical Lantern:

Six-Legged Lantern
Made of shiny brass clockwork with spindly, spider-like legs, this Lantern likes to perch on shoulders and crawl about on it’s own investigating shadowy areas. It doesn’t require a hand to hold it, and it can be tamed with frequent burnishings and whispered compliments. It likes to cling to the front of shields. Only capable of moving around when filled with expensive oil pressed from a very special kind of humongous Beetle. Merchant has a few vials in stock (fueld sold sepearately).

OK with you using these wherever you wish!


The lanterns merchant


Love the Lantern Merchant! Would be awesome to have them show up just as the Torches run out in a dark dungeon!

I like the idea of them winking a lot to punctuate things for some reason. Or maybe they spin their head around and different lights flash depending on whether or not your offer is insultingly low or a fair price?


The tooth merchant.

You want predator teeth? I got wolf teeth, perfect for gripping. Shark teeth, great for severing. I got saber-tooth tiger fangs, the absolute best at crushing spines. I got snake teeth. My best seller!

Herbavore teeth? I got horse teeth, you can eat grass. Goat teeth, eat anything! Warthog tusks, they’ll spoil someone’s day.

I sell sets, I sell singles, I sell grab bags. Subscribe to my monthly tooth bundle!

First fitting and polishing is free.

Happy for you to use this anywhere.


Very happy to see you evlyn!


The maps merchant (one left to draw and I will be able to work on the layout) :slight_smile:


This is up my alley.
Edit: Please let us know when the zine is available for acquiring!

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Hello everyone, thanks to Carys the Wandering Merchants are now available:


Wow, this is dope! My favorite is Agnes, weaver of whiskers.

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This is awesome! I’ve been wanting more itinerant merchants in my games a while now!

Absolutely love it! Great job.

Only feedback is to maybe list what the merchant is selling more clearly. Minor feedback and still super happy to buy it!