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Using the retroclone superhero rules in FASERIPopedia, expand your game and run a whole fantasy roleplaying game using this sourcebook! OR -
Embrace the world of King Arthur, one hundred of his Knights of the Round Table, their enemies, their Castles and Keeps, Abbeys, monsters, Magical Items and so much more!

Full rules for Knights, their Squires, Princesses, Sorceresses, Wizards, Witches, Men-at-Arms and Women-at-Arms and so many different creatures, people - one hundred entries detailing Knights of the Round Table, a gazette of the entire world of Camelot with locations and adventures and adventure suggestions, the whole sourcebook is devoted to giving you a fantasy roleplaying game campaign ready to roll- either using one of the King Arthur variants - youthful, heroic, old and silly - or just using the fantasy gaming elements minus the Arthuriana - or any mix you want to use!

The Bestiary lists all kinds of threats, and the encounter charts feature day and night variations for each type of environment as well as “overheard conversations”, treasure chart, key and lock chart and even a traps and protections chart to generate random traps or other defensive measures!

Plus: maps, beautiful Ron Embleton artwork fully licensed from the IP owner and countless details for adventures.

Go to feasts or dances and enter Social Combat - at risk of damage to social rank - or even your sanity!

Courtly Love - chaste but intense - with the rewards that go with it, and the risk of Romantic Madness!

Arthurian style Contacts - if Hermits are you thing have we got good news for you!

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