Favorite OSR Artists

One of the first things (like many others) that drew me into role playing games was the artwork, and I’ve become more and more attracted to the older style of artwork, specifically the original AD&D books and other early editions. I didn’t grow up in those times but I’m actively going back and reading / buying both old and new OSR products that feature this older artwork style. From the amazing black and white ink drawings to the almost painterly covers.

I ask your aid in my quest to find more amazing OSR artists! Do you have any modern OSR artists that you follow? Who is your favorite OSR artist, either currently active or retired?


Gotta be Peter Mullen and Stefan Poag. Love their style. Reminds of Erol Otus.


Wow, both Mullen and Poag are amazing! I had seen one or two pieces from Mullen, none from Poag. Looking through their stuff now and I’m blown away by the detail! Mullen specifically seems to have some amazing depth to his stuff. Definitely reminds me of Otus. Thanks for sharing!

Be sure to drop examples in here, I’m on the lookout for a specific style and these sound hella cool

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The OSR has so many good artists! Top 5, off the top of my head.

  • Matthew Adams
  • Luka Rejec
  • Wind Lothamer
  • Evlyn Moreau
  • James V West

I’ll be composing a list with links to the artist’s pages and examples of their artwork as this thread grows!

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My all time favorite is definitely Jeff Easley. I loved his art since I was a tween just discovering D&D.

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Man, so many of favorites have already been mentioned! In that case, here’s a favorite that’s not doing OSR work but I think fits the style I imagine and try to convey in my games.

Jesper Ejsing!

It’d got this gritty fairy story feel with the that oil painting look of old supplements in the 80s. I especially love his goblins.

Shout out to luminary and artist Luka Rejec as well. His psychedelic inspired, moebius-esque stuff just feels great.


Another vote here for Luka Rejec!

One I haven’t seen mentioned yet is Scrap Princess. I find her work very evocative and I love the illustrations in Veins of the Earth. I’m looking forward to the Garbage Barge zine that I backed on Kickstarter which will have some more of her illustrations.


Thought I’d revive a quite dead thread to share a new OSR artwork focused Discord channel, spawned from the r/OSRNewArt subreddit created by HondagRpg (a fellow artist). Lots of artists currently active in the OSR sphere have already joined, along with people that just appreciate the art style or those lookin’ to commission an OSR focused artist.

Here’s a link for anyone interested:

(disclaimer: although I did not start the subreddit or Discord channel, I am an admin on both)

There is much good work out there. Lately I have been enjoying images by Jerry Boucher and Tom Kilian.

I’m sure no artist wants to be pegged as “merely” OSR, because an artist can do a wide range of stuff, but I hope that a reputation among OSR folks will help artists to promote their excellent work beyond the niche and into the next, post-OSR, wave of fantasy products.

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