Field Trip to Zu - Blessedly Finished

I thought I’d make a little Wizard-of-Oz-esque pointcrawl.

A horrible little girl tasks the PCs with journeying through the weirdlands to steal some magical McGuffin from the Scowling Sorcerer of Zu. Armed with her dubiously accurate map (that she made all by herself!), the PCs set out from Happy Town.


When I read “blood caked knights” I was like, nah really? Thinking maybe they were knights made of some grotesque blood cake. No, no they were not.

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Haha, this is how trying to write evocative description bites you in the ass. Actual cake knights might be a little too silly for the first location. I want it to transition to weird over the journey

Dudes just hangin out in blood caked armor IMHO is much less weird and much more brutal. Sounds like a scary bunch. Pretty cool little adventure locale all said.

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The next two locations:

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Hi! I’ve moved this thread to “Content Creation” since this is definitely content (and good one too!).

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I really like the idea, it hits the right spots for me (over the top, weird, incredibly sad/scary if you look closely). How do you plan to release it, as a standalone adventure or as part of something bigger?

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Thank you! Sorry, I must have missed that tag, it’s such an obvious fit.

Thanks, I appreciate it! Right now, I’m just trying to crank out a location once every couple of days. And struggling to make them fun and interesting of course.

When it’s all done, I think I’ll end up releasing these 17 locations as a pointcrawl with a page of seeds for further adventures in Zu. Probably a PWYW PDF and a cheap POD on Lulu.

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Two more locations:


Aaand finally revisiting this project. Next location:

And the next:

Sample spread layout with mini map.

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Sanity Check?

Ok, so I’ve been tinkering with this pointcrawl thing for a while now and I can no longer tell if any of these are good ideas or if I’m a man madly adding more and more glue-soaked noodles to a macaroni sculpture that will never be seen by anyone but my cat.

In other words, could anyone skim over this draft and let me know if any of this content seems gameable, clear, or fun? Thank you.

Revised location:

Over halfway there (next location):

Next location:

Almost there. Location 11:


Still working on this. It’s 60% done but it’s a hexcrawl now. Latest iteration can be found here: Field Trip to Zu HEXCRAWL WIP v3.pdf - Google Drive

All feedback appreciated.


80% done - Field Trip to Zu by Operant Game Lab