Fighting Fantasy Project: AZAG

Due out late winter/early spring.
I’ll be posting more info on this thread soon!


Looks cool! I’m guessing this is based on “fighting fantasy”? If that is the case I don’t know what the legal ramifications are for having that in the title. Something like “the UK’s most popular role playing game” might be a good idea. Just my 2 cents. Looking forward to this.


Oh totally, I wasn’t planning to use the term “fighting fantasy” in the actual product outside of a mention within the book as part of the inspirations. Since this is a promo image I just wanted to convey as much info as I could in a few words as possible.
Though I suppose there is an argument for not using the term in advertising either.


Time for a promo update!

Here’s my first writer highlight for this project: Diogo Nogueira!
Diogo created Solar Blades and Cosmic Spells, Lost in the Fantasy World, and a ton more. His work has inspired me for a long time, so when decided to reach out to other authors he was at the top of my list. Diogo has written a wonderful piece of short fiction for the game and is also helping create parts of the setting.

AZAG will feature a full ruleset, short fiction, and other setting material.
Next time I’ll be talking about another one of the talented writers on the project!

Another writer doing some very cool fiction and setting writing is the awesome Safia Aldulaijan. I came across her while checking out some streams about D&D being played in the middle east, and reached out to her for some portfolio examples. Her character writing is fantastic and I’m so happy to have her on the project.

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I’ve got some preview pages featuring some gorgeous art and some so-so writing by me!


Last writer I want to mention on this project is Mahar. He’s a brilliant indie rpg designer who’s work you can find here. The prose he wrote for this book are honestly some of my favorite, they’re really powerful.

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Cover time! If you follow me on twitter you no doubt already peeped this but if not check out this awesome cover art by the super talented Luis Melo:


This looks INCREDIBLE!

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AH! This is releasing this Friday!
Check this promo video for the project, you get to hear some of the music and see a bunch of the art:

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