Fighting Fantasy Video Series

I’m doing a daily release short form video series on the Fighting Fantasy RPG (of Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Troika! fame)
It’s all about the rules bits and the ways I’m thinking of hacking it. Check it out, I think it’s a wonderful system.


Woah, this is a blast from the past! I used to love the Fighting Fantasy books. Runehammer recently did his take on a choose your own adventure game (in a Cyberpunk setting) too, I think it’s called Retune. Anyways, cool vid.

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Hi, Lex! Just found your videos. I too have an offshoot of the FF system, which I use at home. You and I have some similar solutions and some differing solutions (partly due to different frames of reference, I think). Either way, I appreciate your thoughts. The use of non D6 dice is interesting, a line I haven’t crossed. Well… high five!


Oh gosh I missed Runehammer doing a cyberpunk FF game!?
I need to look into that right quick.
I love those books as well, Warlock is pretty sweet. Though, I should point out that my project is a take on 1989’s Dungeoneer! in which they presented their adventure book system in a way that could be played with a group (more like D&D). That is to say, I’m not making a choose your own adventure book, although I kind of wish I was lol

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Thanks so much for checking out my videos! It’s always nice to hear about people using FF, it just offers so much cool flexibility as a system.

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